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What we practice is not what we preach

March 8, 2012
The Maui Weekly

I wonder if anyone else will see the irony in the contrast between the first page headline "Green Economy Needs Local Investors" in the Feb. 9-15 Maui Weekly, and the letters to the editor about the pending construction of the outlet mall and mega mall in South Kihei. We banter about terms like "sustainability" and "green," and say things like "respect the 'aina," yet what we practice is not at all what we preach. Do we need another Jamba Juice, Starbucks or Sanrio [Hello Kitty]? Just who is going to shop at these new gigantic malls? And as one of your letter writers astutely pointed out, what about all of retail space sitting empty as we speak?

Have we learned nothing from the recent economic downturn? People we don't need more stuff! What we need is to learn to make better use of the developed space we've already got. Could it be that the rhetorical whirlwind surrounding the "green economy" is just a facade? Suddenly those anti-depressants being advertised on TV sound much more appealing. Maybe a pill will make me want to go shopping I can pick up a nice plastic Hello Kitty doll and a have a mocha frappuccino.

Morgan Andaluz Kihei



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