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I Get It

I finally get it.

April 5, 2012
Cindy Schumacher - Contributing Writer , The Maui Weekly

Spiritual enlightenment is sought by people of all faiths, cultures and religions. Some find it close to home, while others travel on long journeys and narrow paths. There are those who read or hear the right words and are forever changed (see "Faiths Converge" on front page). Others sit under a tree and hope enlightenment finds them (see "Tree" on front page).

What exactly is enlightenment? How will we know the moment we've got it? Some say it comes out of nowhere--a graceful moment, a movement, an action or thought that alleviates indifference and despair. They say there is a breathing space you enter in which your inner life can recollect itself, showing you the direction of truth. Enlightenment opens us to the very possibility that grace will provide for us its most blessed moments and possessions.

Immersed in the vivid sensory details of a woman's everyday life, my daughter, Taryn Moorea Bernabe, pondered the great questions of our place and our purpose here on Earth.

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Cindy Schumacher
Contributing Writer

She has allowed me to share one such moment that she experienced while returning to a favorite childhood spot overlooking the Hudson River on the Upper West Side of New York City.

"I get it! I finally get it! It's about loving life and wanting to be here. It's about living for every moment. It's about finding beauty in everything around you.

It's about more than dreaming--it's about creating the most meaning one can in a crazy world filled with distractions.

It's about sharing all this greatness with other people. It's about finding appreciation in everyone and everything--it's about creating yourself and then it's about being true to that self.

It's all about being true to life and living through it with the purest intentions.

It's about loving the reflection on the river. It's about the appreciation for a single flower and the limited time but endless beauty it holds.

It's about knowing that it's always about something much larger and grander!

It's about remembering the innocence a life so simple can hold. It's about knowing there's always more to do and more that can be done.

It's about striving for the remarkable; it's about touching someone else.

It's about how every sunset is never the same.

It's about the ache you feel and the tears that fall at the moments when any of these things are realized."



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