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2012 U.S. Senate candidate complaint

April 12, 2012
Antonio Gimbernat · 2012 U.S. Senate candidate · Kihei - 2012 U.S. Senate candidate · Kihei , The Maui Weekly

Aloha State of Hawai'i registered voters. Today, I feel compelled to bring to your attention an ethics violation that has been committed by several political party staff members and/or precinct volunteers. Recently (and in the past), 2012 U.S. Senate Candidate Antonio Gimbernat has become a victim of bias discrimination and/or neglect when his name was excluded as an official candidate during several media broadcasts and/or within e-mails sent by a political party to its members.

Ethics require political parties to remain neutral when they have several candidates running for the same position. The exclusion of Antonio Gimbernat's name as an official candidate is deceitful to registered voters, implying that the candidates mentioned during the media broadcast (or within an email) are the only candidates on the ballot. If the political party staff members/precinct volunteers are on their own time, they can promote whomever they like. But if they are acting on behalf of the political party, ethics require they give each candidate equal recognition. One U.S. Senate candidate is not being honest and is deceiving voters to think there are only two Democrat primary election candidates when there are actually five! Food for thought!

Antonio Gimbernat

2012 U.S. Senate candidate Kihei



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