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Healing With Chi

Maui practitioner encourages us to “go with the flow.”

April 12, 2012
Debra Lordan , The Maui Weekly

Over 26 years ago, Sherry Remez spontaneously began to sense the pain in others' bodies, feeling their energy field through her hands. This event opened doors to an exploration of energy for the purpose of healing to relieve stress, pain and suffering.

Wanting to understand this ability more deeply, she was led to traditional healers, scientists and renowned teachers, from whom she learned various techniques to augment her innate knowledge.

Before moving to Maui in 1997, she had opened practices in Sacramento, California, and Sag Harbor, New York. Her quest had also brought her to perennial wisdom teachings and spiritual masters with whom she immersed herself in study, practice and service. The practices evolved into a deeper experience and understanding of chi-energy, which Remez attests is the basic element of all life.

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Sherry Remez, 70, shares life experience and ancient/modern energy medicine methods through classes, workshops and a new book.

"The unified field, defined by modern physics, is chi," said Remez. "It was acknowledged and has been utilized in China for over 5,000 years in a medically documented, self-healing practice called qigong [pronounced "chee gung"]. Qigong translates as 'gathering and cultivating the life force--chi.'"

Tai chi, a martial art, evolved from it, said Remez.

To share the experience of qigong along with her hands-on Energy Healing sessions, Remez formulated "Healing With Chi." Through classes and workshops, she guides people to experience chi and discover the presence and wisdom of their "healer within."

She earned certification from Qigong Master Mingtong Gu to teach a powerful movement meditation called "LiftChiUp/PourChiDown (LCU/PDC)."

"LiftChiUp/PourChiDown is a gentle, effective way that's proven to relax and strengthen the body, heal disease, boost the immune system, enhance mental clarity and emotional stability, creating balance and harmony with life," explained Remez.

Suitable for all ages, this modality can be done while seated, said Remez. She explained that it is well within each person's physical ability and is very safe.

"If there is strain, there is no gain!" Remez said.

Both Eastern and Western medical thought concur: our emotions are responsible for nearly 90 percent of dis-ease, Remez explained.

"One of the most important elements to good health is relaxation," she said. "Relaxation sets up a healing response within the entire body/mind system. 'Healing With Chi' methods encourage relaxation, so chi flows freely, transforming emotional energy."

Commenting on the current healthcare crises, Remez said that "Stress and absenteeism have accelerated since 2009 and a tidal wave of Baby Boomers is entering 'old age.' Prescription drug use is rising, which is expensive and oft-times debilitating. Many caretakers of elderly parents hold full-time jobs. This is especially taxing, both mentally and emotionally."

Remez explained: "With its medically proven benefits and qigong's emphasis on self-healing/self-care, it seems a logical, effective and low-cost method to reduce healthcare outlay for all concerned."

With even TV's Dr. Oz predicting that energy medicine is our future, "I envision state, county and privately supported qigong wellness programs in the workplace and video-streamed classes for those who cannot travel," said Remez. "Chi on wheels!"

But it's not all about mitigating the effects of illness and old age.

"My classes and workshops are fun!" said Remez. "There is a sharing of common-sense wisdom, self-acceptance, laughter and movement meditation. Using imaging and mind's initiation, we enhance the effectiveness of our intention to heal--not only ourselves, but others, too. In every practice, we consciously connect with one another and dedicate all benefit to the highest good for all life."

Her private group classes are offered in Kihei and Kula. Public classes sponsored by Kaiser Permanente, Kaunoa, and Kalama Heights Retirement Community are scheduled through July.

A CD guiding people through LCU/PCD for practice between classes is now available.

Remez recently published "Healing With Chi: Using Infinite Energy to Create a Happier, Healthier Life." In the new book, the 70-year-old practitioner shares tips, examples and suggestions to guide people to live with a revolutionary view: "the Wisdom of your Inner Healer and the Energy of the Living Universe are infinitely available. You have the power to transform your life experience and state of well-being gently, compassionately and with humor."

Purchase the book at for $14.

For class and workshop schedules and more information, visit, email or call (808) 298-7878.



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