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Maui County Pulling the Plug on Pool Programs

It’s a sink or swim situation for county aquatics instructors.

May 10, 2012
Joe A. Duran & Kelly E. Duell · Valley Isle Aquatics - Valley Isle Aquatics , The Maui Weekly

In conjunction with Maui County instructors, we have taught swimming lessons for the last four years as the nonprofit Valley Isle Aquatics. Now, without warning, the county has denied us the use of the pools. We have applied for several different kinds of permits and have been denied all of them, each time, for a different reason. So far as we can determine, none of the reasons fall within the scope of the Maui County ordinances, regulations, rules or laws.

We just received a call from the county Department of Parks and Recreation indicating that they have denied our Type IV permit. He stated that they will only allow Type II (cc) permits, period. He also indicated that they will not allow swim teams, dive teams, master's programs, YMCA water aerobics, or any other program to use the pool if they pay coaches or instructors.

We applied for another Type II (cc) permit (which we have done several times already and have been denied), and as of April 27, we have been denied this permit as well. Here is their statement to us: "Thank your for your request to use the Aquatics Division facilities. I am sorry to inform you that the dates you requested falls within the three-week break period for Type II (cc) permits. All pools will not be available during the summer months due to heavy usage and Type I programs. Future permit requests will be considered per space availability."

We have taught in the county pools during the summer months for the last four years while the county lifeguards have taught their lessons, so why now is it all of a sudden too busy for us to teach?

Now they are removing every program out of the pools. This is unacceptable--programs should be allowed in these community pools because we pay taxes for these pools!

We just submitted our appeal to the county Board of Variance & Appeals and do not know if this will have any bearing on their latest denial and plan to remove all programs from all pools.

We hope that Maui community members will be able to assist us in this matter by speaking up. Please let the mayor and our County Council members know that this is unacceptable.



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