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CFLs pose a danger

June 14, 2012
Peace Eagle , The Maui Weekly

The electric company and state promote the used of compact florescent bulbs (CFLs) --even though these lights contain the toxic compound mercury. If these lights break, you are supposed to evacuate immediately. If more than one breaks, you're supposed to have a special team come into your home to clean up. Right now, the fire department can do that.

As soon as everyone knows that the bulbs contain high-potency poison, the fire department will not be able to handle all of the calls, and private companies will have to be called in at great expense--sometimes $2,000 per cleanup!

Everyone should read the small print on the box regarding mercury and toxicity.

Please do not buy or support this technology. When disposed of in trash, they go in to the dump and it creates a field of mercury. These bulbs can be safely recycled at Home Depot. I would suggest that you get a lifetime supply of incandescent bulbs at Walmart or elsewhere, as they will most likely be phased out at some point soon.

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Peace Eagle

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