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Four ways one person may improve our government

June 14, 2012
Alana Kay - Kihei

1.Learn how to be a critical listener. Don't believe the hype. Do your own research and listen to all sides of an issue before you decide what you believe is right. Members of all communities and political parties are human, and therefore subject to great wisdom as well as great error. The first thing we hear is often generated the vocal minority. These people may not represent the group as a whole and are often times deciding emotionally or in a shortsighted manner, so dig deeper before you decide. Furthermore, issues may have a slant or a spin put on them, creating a deceptive message.

2.Get involved in something. Decide what you would like to get involved in, whether it is volunteer work in the community, working on a campaign or simply attending informational events and meetings and ultimately, casting your vote on election day.

3.Get enthusiastic about political issues. Politics can be enjoyable when handled properly. So many people avoid politics because it looks boring or ugly. That is why so many people are disappointed with what they see these days. We have all been too busy or too disgusted to get involved. If we approach politics with a win-win, kind and lighthearted approach, it can be fun. When the kupuna begin to act like it is fun, the young folks will be more likely to follow suit and with more people involved, we will have a better democracy.

4.Be a part of the solution. Make it a point to help where you have talent, time or money. When it gets down to it, we are the ones who will ultimately cure society's ills, not the government.

Alana Kay




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