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The Highest Thoughts

“Peace and love is our true nature.”

June 14, 2012
Cindy Schumacher , The Maui Weekly

Ever wonder what your life would be like if you lived your highest thoughts? That question led Kihei resident Paul Gangnier to start The Highest Thoughts Company in 2008. Gangnier, a non-denominational minister and reiki master, brings his experience as a certified hypnotherapist, inspirational writer and speaker, artist and film producer to his company.

Gangnier shares a spiritual teaching that is profoundly original and yet deeply faithful to ancient tradition. The Highest Thoughts Company is devoted to raising human consciousness through many wellness practices, such as reiki energy healing, hypnotherapy, breath work and spiritual counseling.

"I seek to live the inner journey and wish to help many others along the way to realizing self-knowledge," Gangnier said.

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In 2008, Paul Gangnier founded The Highest Thoughts, a company dedicated to raising consciousness through inspirational art, messages and healing modalities in order to fulfill his vision of an awakened humanity.

Recently, Gangnier, along with Director Carl Rozycki of InVision Maui Productions Company, produced a new documentary titled "Living in Light." Narrated by Neale Donald Walsch, "Living in Light" is a compelling journey into the true nature of our existence and how that self-awareness fits into our daily lives. The documentary, an official selection of the 2012 Awareness Festival in Los Angeles, is now showing around the country.

"Living in Light" was filmed entirely in Hawai'i.

"Its interview format includes several internationally-known spiritual leaders discussing important questions about human behavior and spiritual enlightenment," said Gangnier, who envisions producing more movies and a TV series.

In 2010, Gangnier was joined by writer and autism educator Nicole Rose, also a reiki master and minister, who shares his vision of "awakened humanity." The two now offer low-cost Reiki I, II and III (mastery level) training.

"In a single weekend, you can receive the attunements and simple methods for healing yourself and others through a powerful age-old way of accessing and extending universal life energy," said Gangnier and Rose.

"Our sessions affect all levels of wellness: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual," added Gangnier.

Classes are designed to use the power within through healing hands and are for everyone, whether one's goals are professional or personal.

As a certified hypnotherapist, Gangnier wants to help clients re-connect to their higher selves.

"Both hypnotherapy and transformational hypnotherapy are ways of letting go of unwanted habits and addictions," he said. "The main objective is the highest good of the client, freeing them for a lasting experience of peace and love."

"Peace and love is our true nature," said Gangnier and Rose. "We are devoted to raising human consciousness by sharing our inspirations. At The Highest Thoughts, we intend to create a more peaceful and loving world by helping human beings to awaken to their innate and brilliant inner light."

Rose sees spiritual awakening as a process of becoming more honest and present with oneself and with life itself, discovering that the two are really the same. She is a true spiritual devotee who brings her own high level of awareness to all who meet her.

"Most of my talents and life skills point in the direction of healing and communications, so working with Gangnier and The Highest Thoughts has been a very natural fit for what I already do," said Rose. "The future for me and for the company has much to do with teaching the various forms of healing and spiritual understanding that we are practicing and discovering in our own lives."

Rose shares her personal spiritual journey through writing.

"Besides being a reiki master, I have been a student of Marianne Williamson's Course in Miracles for over 16 years and I work with autistic children," said Rose. "What I write is often colored by these particular areas of my life."

Recently Rose started a new blog called "Realizing Love." A second blog under development, "Inside the Spectrum," is based on understanding autism spectrum disorders from the inside out.

"I would love to see both blog topics expand into books for future publishing," she said.

"Another dream of mine is to open a free reiki clinic for special-needs children," said Rose. "It is amazing how calm and receptive these children are when they get up on a massage table to receive energy work. Several of our reiki master graduates who work in the field of special needs have shown interest in this idea, so it is feeling like a very tangible goal for 2012," she said.

Together, Gangnier and Rose continue to shape The Highest Thoughts Company as a "freedom company," seeking to liberate people from their self-limiting patterns and beliefs so they can live in harmony with themselves and their surroundings.

"We are here to support the community in the highest way possible," they said.

For more information, call (808) 463-8255 or visit and



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