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A smart decision?

June 21, 2012
Rosemary Zazu , The Maui Weekly

I am very concerned that smart meters are stealthily being normalized as part of the electrical services provided by MECO, starting with Maui Meadows as a "pilot" program. Smart meters are dangerous to health and have privacy implications. This is another assault on Maui's environment and it could have an ill effect on your health and civil rights. A battle has been occurring on the Mainland and Canada concerning this issue. If the word gets out (and it will), tourism on Maui could be affected.

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) has called for a moratorium on smart meters in homes and schools based on the documented health hazards of radio frequency radiation from smart meters (check out their Website at Smart meters can violate already high Federal Communications Commission (FCC) limits on human exposure to microwave radiation, and are being installed even as people are developing "electro-sensitivity."

Do you value civil liberties and the right to privacy--at least in your own home? Check out what the ACLU in Hawai'i has to say about this. Refuse to let MECO put this on your property and if they do, have it removed.

Smart meters have been shown to actually cost consumers more. I know of at least one Maui Meadows resident who was able to have her newly installed meter removed once she learned about the dangers. Hopefully, MECO will do the pono thing and continue to allow consumers to make this choice.

Check out and watch the YouTube video and take the survey. Check out what Kaua'i has been doing to stop this. Or, sign the petition that will be sent to Gov. Abercrombie (it takes less than a minute) at

It may be invisible, but electromagnetic pollution is dangerous, invasive--and anything but smart. This is another opportunity for Maui to shift gears and become an environmental model for the planet, rather than an environmental tragedy or paradise lost.

Rosemary Zazu




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