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Akamai Acupuncture

Sharing the wisdom of Eastern practices for Western living.

June 28, 2012
Cindy Schumacher , The Maui Weekly

Interweaving their multi-therapeutic expertise, Kihei residents Alan and Sara Schroepfer provide a valuable contribution to our community. Through a variety of health-enhancing practices, they serve their clients with compassion and skill.

Alan graduated from the Maui Academy of the Healing Arts in 1998. With 14 years' experience in health and wellness, plus a master's degree in acupuncture and oriental medicine, he established Akamai Acupuncture in 2011 to facilitate healing and well-being for people of all walks of life.

"Acupuncture and Eastern medicine have proven to be essential in my own personal health and well-being," said Alan. "It is this which motivates me to help others overcome recurring health issues and body limitations."

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Alan and Sara Schroepfer provide a positive healing experience combining all aspects of the body, soul and mind.
Photo courtesy of the Schoepfers

On June 18, Akamai Acupuncture opened a new facility at 'Ohana Hale Chiropractic, 444 Hana Highway (above Marco's) in Kahului, where Alan offers personal insight into the benefits of Eastern practices for Western living.

Utilizing traditional Oriental medicine therapies, including acupuncture, cupping, dietary and herbal counseling, therapeutic massage and bodywork, Alan's aim is to "provide a positive healing experience combining all aspects of body, soul and mind."

On Thursday mornings from 9 a.m. to noon, Alan serves the community through his low-cost Akamai Community Acupuncture Clinic located at The Maui Academy of Healing Arts School in Kihei.

"The clinic is a walk-in, first-come, first-served space with partial privacy offered by room dividers," he said.

Currently, Alan is developing an acupuncture facial rejuvenation treatment utilizing traditional Chinese medicine and state-of-the-art technology.

"It's truly amazing how we can see so much change in the face just after a few treatments," he said.

Alan, who is soon to be a first-time father, is proud to work with his wife, Sara.

"By practicing massage therapy, cranio-sacral therapy, sensory re-patterning, reiki and aromatherapy for the past 10 years, Sara facilitates changes at the transpersonal level of the psycho-emotional being," he said.

Interested in studying alternative healing traditions from her early years, Sara began her travels and research after graduating from the University of Minnesota in 2001. She embarked on a series of trips to Nepal, Thailand and India, where she volunteered in medical health camps and Tibetan monasteries.

"I passionately studied yoga and meditation in ashrams, Buddhist Himalayan meditation centers and with the Dalai Lama at his public teachings in 2005," said Sara.

These travels and activities culminated in Sara's Reiki Master Certification, the Practitioner of Healing Arts program from Windemere Institute of Healing Arts, and the National Certification for Massage and Bodywork. Most recently, she completed the Healing the Light Body and Medicine Wheel program with the Four Winds Society, which included a mountain expedition to Peru to study with the indigenous Q'ero shamans.

Sara combines years of experience and training into a unique form of healing for her clients that affects all levels of one's being for personal transformation.

"I have been able to incorporate my international studies along with my educational degrees on behalf of those seeking the next step on their spiritual journey," she said.

"Working with clients to create life shifts, whether subtle or drastic, is very rewarding," Sara said.

She explained that it is possible to change major external factors in your life from just one healing-energy session.

"Energy-healing facilitates a quantum leap on life's journey if you let go of a way of being, a habit or a story that no longer serves you," she said. "By shedding your past and releasing patterns or traumas, you can transform your wounds into sources of power and compassion, enabling you to create a new beginning."

Explaining what sorts of results to expect in a session, Sara noted, "Alan and I work to clear the energy loops that predispose us to malignant physical and emotional conditions. We want you to feel your essence return to embrace life more fully," she said.

The Schroepfers are both trained in Oriental herbal medicine and counseling.

"Our herbs are customized to the needs of our clients," said Sara, who has trained with Amazon Herb Company and Young Living Essential Oils. She also offers product and personal aromatherapy consultations and classes with an emphasis on emotional healing with essential oils.

In addition to their private practices, the Schroepfers are employed at the Four Seasons Maui Resort & Spa in Wailea, where Sara is the spa co-coordinator and Alan performs acupuncture and massage services.

"I have been a private contractor with the spa since 1999," said Alan, who proudly serves as the first acupuncturist at a five-star spa on Maui.

Sara sums up their practice with a quote from one of her teachers, Dr. Alberto Villoldo, director of the Four Winds Society: "Curing is the business of medicine, and it involves eliminating symptoms. Healing is the crafting of a healthy lifestyle by eliminating the cause of suffering and disease and then creating a meaningful destiny. Ours is the practice of healing."

Contact Alan and Sara by email at, via, or call (808) 250-6437. For additional information, go to Call (808) 877-5587 for an appointment.



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