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Smart meters emit 100 times more radiation than cell phones

July 12, 2012
Debra Greene, Ph.D. - Energy Health Specialist , The Maui Weekly

A common tactic of smart meter proponents and the telecom industry is to compare smart meters with other microwave radiation emitting devices, such as cell phones and microwave ovens, and say smart meters are safe because they emit less radiation. First, this is like saying, "You already smoke cigars so that makes smoking cigarettes safe." The logic is absurd. But more importantly, the one research study heavily circulated by industry proponents has been found to be flawed.

Daniel Hirsch, radiation expert at UC-Santa Cruz, has explained how the industry-funded study "compared apples and oranges" to give misleading results. When he corrected for the flaws, the study showed smart meters produce roughly 100 times more radiation than cell phones! In addition, Hirsch voiced grave concerns about cumulative and latent radiation effects that manifest as health issues years later.

Will Maui County and we taxpayers be held liable for the damaging health effects of the smart grid project here? Will property values fall because of smart meter radiation hazards? Will health conscious visitors seek out other destinations?

There is evidence to support each of these scenarios. Please visit and sign the petition to stop this shortsighted project.

Debra Greene, Ph.D.

Energy Health Specialist



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