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No trash swapping in Maui Meadows

July 19, 2012
Lawrence Christopher , The Maui Weekly

We in Maui Meadows now sport a new triple-container pilot run. Each contracted residence will receive one brown rubbish container each week, one green biomass or compost container twice a month, and one blue recycle container twice a month. Each holds 96 gallons.

No modifications to this plan are permitted.

The compost pickup twice a month, the largest pickup in Maui Meadows, may not serve the neighborhood's needs, since many home composters won't need the green bin. Also, many already recycle cardboard and glass, but glass is not allowed in the curbside pickup service, so they won't need that many of the blue recycle bins.

But we are not allowed to swap to accommodate our neighborhood's needs. Maui County tracks each container matching the property to assure total control. Additionally, the county will spot-check the contents and will cancel the contract if three checks of improper contents are found.

I am afraid that dogmatic rigidity will kill the program completely unless the county cancels the data control system (trash cops) and decides to allow all this on the property tax (deductible) and let people help each other.

And do we really need three broken container lids, which the county will not replace unless called in (270-7452).

Fortunately, the county has backed off requiring 'ohana on contracts.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to standardize the routing using an ancient art known as linear programming? The efficient companies use it regularly.

Lawrence Christopher

Maui Meadows



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