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Commentaries Exemplify Extreme Paradigms

Maui has bigger concerns than where to shop.

July 26, 2012
Heidi Burbey · Pa‘ia , The Maui Weekly

In the July 12-18 issue of the Maui Weekly on the opinion page, it felt like a ping-pong match between the two very contrasting "left" and "right" commentaries. And this is a newspaper written on a small island.

The "left" article ("Lahaina Homeless Ejection a Tragedy") is about the stunning apathy and denial surrounding the ordeal with ejecting the homeless in Lahaina (the folks who evicted the homeless being the ones in a sickening state of apathy and denial).

The "right" article ("The Sky Isn't Falling"), paints the opposite color in the spectrum--one of "prosperity" and pro-mall.

Tucked in a corner right below, quietly displayed, is the tiny "Occupy" poem ("I Occupy Myself"), both true and entertaining, which sort of wavers between the opposing sides. The poem, in my opinion says it is essential to occupy "within," if one desires everlasting results and Occupy Wall Street anonymously, for it breeds external results.

The homeless, who are lacking the legal and constitutional human rights to receive basic food, shelter, and most of all, dignity, unless they are educated, cannot travel "within," as the average, adequately cared-for human, because their outsides are preventing them from even possessing an inner-being (how can one "possess" an inner being, when their outer being is too broken to contain it?). So they outwardly protest the unfairness they observe, the angry words a lucky Josephine/Joe finds grating to listen to.

The "right" article written by a South Maui mega-mall supporter emphatically states the project was approved long ago. So, since the "right" writer states the mall protesters just like to hear themselves babble mindless chatter, here is a useful subject needing a spotlight: the homeless tragedy--an issue which certainly needs help, since people like the mall supporters are too insensitive to look "inside" and need to go shopping.

Shopping is another form of escape--escape from nature. We are in paradise. Why in the world would you want to shop at a huge department store?

Fear is the cause of the rich reacting abruptly, instead of thinking through a wound, which causes the need to hoard resources meant for the poor.



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