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South Side Slam! Poetry Contest

Maui’s poets were asked to submit their thoughts about and hopes, dreams and desires for South Maui in the Maui Weekly’s first annual South Side Slam poetry contest.

August 30, 2012
The Maui Weekly

Congratulations to Marian Demarest, Maryanne Moe and Steven Monroe for their winning entries

First Place

South Maui Magic

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Maria Demarest, first-place winner chose a Martini Lounge gift certificate provided by Ambrosia.

Maria Demarest

Spinning torches

fiery nights

crawling roaches

seek their rights

Sparkling seas and

sunset skies

the humble needs of

homeless eyes

Highways network

arial jetwork

mopeds grind

and grinds are ono

What isn't pono

let's make right

no room left

for parking lot fight

Whipping winds

they clear the shore

Cane burns blaze

"please close that door"

We walk, we dream,

we laugh, we feel

South Maui magic

does reveal

The kindest touch

like the kiss of rain

an Aloha hug

the developer's gain

Second Place

Orange Slices at Midnight

Maryanne Moe

mistress of the evening

in her flaming tango skirt

did she borrow it from sunset

or from Pele's blazing lava ribbons

moon goddess Hina

dip down

to the water's edge

slowly linger in your solo ballet

then quicken as anticipation mounts

sensual prima donna

dance before me

as a geisha eclipse the night

the stark contrast

of beauty outlined against the dark

mesmerizing all sight

as if the siren's song

you leave me

with a longing for more

like the waft of a scent

the slight whisper of a lover

barely audible

more sense that sound

enough only to tantalize

your fiery essence

the hues of subtle nuances

that lend to the heightened pigment of passion

orange slice of moon

hangs in the midnight sky

the color so enticing

I feel the pungent taste of it

sweet tangy drops of precious juice

tease my wanting lips

arouse my palette

I feel my taste buds moisten

the cool mountain breeze

will not be enough to satiate

this desire for more fervor

it will not calm

the swollen longing

that penetrates my inner sanctuary

arousing a sultry glow from within

your wanton embrace

draws me in

like flames in the wind

I quiver, inescapable

would that I could capture

this moment

engrave it upon indelible memory

to savor like the solitude of lovers

crimsoning light sweeps

blushing from watercolor clouds

reflections mirrored

on a darkened sea

no stars are near

to steal the show

Hina performs in splendid isolation

shining in center spotlight

the horizon looms closer

then slips away as

amber embers turn to ash

the curtain falls

the sea has devoured

my succulent fruit

and extinguished

my night light

the show is over

I must return

to my bed

still warm despite

my bittersweet interlude

in the old embers

I find solace

and mingled with memories

of a half moon

reddened at midnight

I drift into dreams

and sleep the sleep

of lovers still warm

from pleasure

the embrace still wrapped around me

as this evening's performance

bids farewell

a kiss blown across time and space

Third Place


Steven Monroe

From the edge of darkness

I arise to watch a flower

That is the dawn

Opening up

To the crimson promise

That is the day

Winners should call the Maui Weekly office at 875-1700, ext. 12,

to claim a prize donated by one of our generous contest sponsors.

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