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Campaigning with Aloha

Let’s stick to the issues, our qualifications and the facts.

September 13, 2012
Kaniela Ing - District 11 Candidate · State of Hawai‘i House of Representatives , The Maui Weekly

I am disappointed that the Hawai'i Republican Party and State Rep. George Fontaine have stooped to the type of clearly false, negative attacks that big money special interests are using all over the country. This has no place on Maui.

My team reported no fundraisers because we held no fundraisers during our Primary Election campaign. South Maui residents know this. This is not a campaign where the candidate invites developer and lobbyist friends to a restaurant for $500 donations. This is a new kind of campaign--a grassroots campaign for the people.

My contributions came from everyday people writing checks while I was out knocking on 12,000 doors, as well as from many small donations over the Internet. Although this is not a common approach on Maui, it is the cleanest and most honest way to serve public interests and compete against the special interests of organizations that write big checks.

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“I have already vowed to run smear-free, no matter what type of campaign or anti-campaign that my opponent decides to conduct.”

Every penny of every campaign contribution and expenditure was publicly filed and is available online. I invite the public to judge for themselves on the Campaign Spending Commission Website.

My campaign has been a 100 percent clean and positive discussion on my fresh vision for Maui's future. I will continue to never engage in negative attacks, nor will I tolerate my supporters doing so. It's called aloha.

I received the following email recently via

"Mr. Ing,

You should be prepared to fight. If you keep it clean and he does not, you will lose. I have had people tell me you were born in LA, and Fontaine was born here. They are locals and believe this to be true. You are not Obama, and you cannot afford to take the high road."

I apologize to this supporter in advance for not taking his advice, but I have already vowed to run smear-free, no matter what type of campaign or anti-campaign that my opponent decides to conduct.

To address the residency myth--I haven't mentioned it much, but I see how it may be important to voters to trace back where a candidates values stem from by knowing where a candidate was brought up. I was born and raised on Maui; my mother was born and raised on Maui; her mother was born and raised on Maui; and her mother immigrated here from Spain as a toddler in 1906. My roots are right here in Maui.

I left to learn, to prepare for this job--pursuing bachelor's and master's degrees in public policy and working in all levels of government. Despite more lucrative job opportunities in Honolulu and Washington, D.C., I returned to my home island to serve a constituency whose values have been continually misrepresented and to do a job that is not being done.

Details of my background and vision can be found online at

Let's stick to the issues, our qualifications and the facts. No lies, no whispers, no smears: that's Maui style.



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