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U.S. spends too much on military

September 27, 2012
Dr. Georg Woodman - Via email , The Maui Weekly

I just found out the approval by Congress over the 2013 budget. It is an outrage!

I am American because I truly love the U.S.A. I decided to become a citizen, by choice, and not by (accidental) birth. So, I feel now that the U.S.A. is clearly overstepping the line: a whopping nearly 60 percent for military spending vs. a meager 5 percent for healthcare and a just as meager 6 percent for education!

The budget has 12 departments; 11 departments share 40 percent of the budget, while one gets nearly 60!

I've lived in the U.S.A. since 1969, and I went through the demonstration era of the early '70s against the Vietnam War. I also experienced all the other issues my beloved America had to overcome and to master. But now I am at the brink--at the brink of my trust and love.

Americans, stand up! We must do something! Not soon, but now!

I am going to address my congressman and even write to the president directly. We cannot allow this budget to become reality.

I am a devoted American and Christian, but I am beyond sad and outraged, too.

Dr. Georg Woodman Via email



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