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Hype, spin and cliff jumping

October 4, 2012
Alana Kay - Candidate for South Maui County Council 2012 · Kihei , The Maui Weekly

I noticed countless letters to the editor in which the writer goes on a rant with incorrect information. This is really hurting our ability to see the issues clearly and get the right people into office.

I realize that many folks believe that politics will always be politics, but maybe it is time for a change. The solutions (or lack thereof) that our legislators are delivering to us are indicative of a system that is stressed and is stressing out the people of this country in the process. Reform will not happen unless voters undergo a much-needed overhaul themselves.

The need to evolve becomes evident at different junctures in history. We used to condone lynch mobs and human sacrifices. Although the thought of these outdated practices seem ludicrous in retrospect, if people hadn't stood up for change, we would have continued on in the old ways.

Unless we begin to study the facts, study the platforms and history of the parties, learn to detect dishonest speech patterns and learn to decide for ourselves, the politicians are going to continue to take us for a ride.

When you hear someone address an issue, regardless of who they are, do your own fact checking. There are oodles of records and statistics readily available on the WWW.

We need to huddle together and drop the anger and finger pointing, taking a non-partisan approach to problem solving in order to stop this fast track to nowhere.

Alana Kay

Candidate for South Maui County Council 2012 Kihei



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