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Ing portrayed unfairly

October 25, 2012
Kaniela Ing - District 11 Candidate, State of Hawai‘i House of Representatives , The Maui Weekly

I am being portrayed by my opponent [Rep. George Fontaine] as "having no idea how the lawmaking process works." While his first experience in the Legislature started in 2010, I have dedicated over six years of experience, a Bachelor of Political Science degree, a Masters of Public Administration degree, and the decades ahead of me to prepare for a lifetime of public service.

The honest truth is that none of the laws that my opponent introduced for South Maui have passed. Lawmakers sign onto hundreds of each other's bills, but co-signing another lawmaker's bill does not make it yours, and it does not help South Maui. It's the bill that you personally introduce, including capitol improvement funding requests, that matter.

My opponent, myself and all legislators recognize this part of the process. It is being misleading to the public by touting nine "co-sponsored" bills introduced by Democrats as his own.

In his July 2012 newsletter, my opponent admitted to being "unsuccessful at securing funding." Now that campaign season is here, that single newsletter has been removed from all three of his Websites.

My fresh vision for Maui's future is about honesty, straightforwardness and effectiveness. It's about rejecting the special interests of lobbyists and big-money organizations, and truly representing the people.

It is not about political parties. It's about working together with the rest of the Maui delegation, regardless of partisan affiliation, to finally get the job done.

Kaniela Ing

District 11 Candidate, State of Hawai'i House of Representatives



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