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Your Candidate May Lose if You Don’t Vote

November 1, 2012
Charles Laquidara · Kayak Talkin' , The Maui Weekly

By now, everyone in the universe knows that the United States presidential election is coming up on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

By now, you probably already know who you're going to vote for.

By now, you've been told 100 times to exercise your "right to vote."

But one of the key things you may not realize is how important it is for you to vote on this sixth day of November 2012.

Everyone knows that we are a blue state and that Obama will probably win in Hawai'i.

But what about the other important races?

What about the referendum questions?

The Senate race this year may be a nail-biter. If you're a Mazie Hirono supporter and you think that because Hawai'i is a blue state, "Linda Lingle is going to be defeated handily," you may be making a huge mistake. Likewise, if you are aware of how powerful and efficient the Lingle political machine is and you assume that "she is going to steamroll over Mazie Hirono," you also may be making a huge mistake.

If you wake up on the morning of Nov. 7 and see that your candidate was defeated by 11 or 12 votes, how will you deal with that?

In these days of big election spending, voter demographic targeting and ad motivation, if you don't think that close races happen any more, please remember Gore versus Bush and the "hanging chads."

Do we want the Hawaiian Supreme Court to decide our referendum questions and tell us who will be our elected officials for the next four years? I think not.

It's weird enough that Hawai'i's laws proclaim that a blank answer on the charter questions is an automatic "yes." Most progressive voters don't realize that the only way to neutralize their vote on the referendum ballot page if you don't understand the question is to answer "no." Most conservative voters would do the opposite.

Who knew that? Not the majority of Hawai'i's voters, you can bet on that. Our islands have America's worst voting record.

Please make an appointment on your calendar for Nov. 6 and change that statistic.



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