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Stress and Lifestyle Expert to Lead Seminar in Wailea

November 1, 2012
The Maui Weekly

Paul Huljich will be at the Hotel Wailea for a seminar entitled "Stress and You" on Friday, Nov. 2, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Huljich has had 30-year love affair with the fiftieth state, which began when he was a young dad raising a family in his native homeland of New Zealand. From the abundant water attractions on the Kona Coast of Hawai'i Island to the miles of sandy beaches in West Maui, the state of Hawai'i offers a myriad of options for a young 'ohana seeking a getaway in paradise. Moreover, Hawai'i offered Paul and his family-including three boys-a sanctuary filled with peace, rest and relaxation-a balance that worked wonders to ease his mind and its stress when basking in its beauty.

Several years later, Paul co-founded an organic food company that was ahead of its time in his native country; he was chairman and CEO of Best Corporation when he had a complete mental breakdown-brought on by stress.

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Paul Huljich

Since then, Huljich has spent his life becoming an expert on how to manage stress-but not before being told he would never be cured of his severe mind condition. Fourteen years later, he is a drug-free stress conqueror who presents all that he has learned about mastering stress in what "Psychology Today" calls one of this season's most talked about books-"Stress Pandemic: The Lifestyle Solution" (Mwella Publishing).

Recently kicking off a 20-city nationwide tour, Huljich stated, "Stress has become a pandemic that affects everyone. Through trial and error, through research into all facets of health, and through interviewing and speaking with whomever I could find to talk to about health, I began to develop processes to rebuild myself."

The result is a book through which the American Institute of Stress said, "We can all learn the valuable lesson to manage the stress in our lives, before we manage to ruin our health."

In early November, Huljich is returning to Hawai'i-a place he holds dear and true to his heart and soul-to help others understand and manage their own stress.

"Despite a recent Gallup Poll that cited Hawaiians as the least stressed of Americans, the fact is that stress escapes no one," said Huljich. "Stress is a natural part of human life. It always has been and always will be. However, the amount of stress that exists in today's world is escalating to abnormal and destructive levels."

"Global urbanization, competition and the spread of technology have created a world in which access to information has become an obligation and necessity. People are now held accountable for their actions and whereabouts 24/7 and they are losing both their privacy and downtime. In addition, we are continually under assault on a physical level, with our environment filled with never-before-seen levels of toxicity. From the food we eat to the air we breathe, our bodies are under siege by the toxins and chemicals we have introduced into our cities, our homes and our food. In short, the unforgiving pace and complexity of modern life has greatly challenged our ability to live healthily and fully in the present moment. While stress is omnipresent in each of our lives to varying degrees, it has reached a point of sweeping concern; a stress pandemic which we must address and conquer in order to survive," Huljich concluded.

In his Nov. 2 seminar, Huljich will share his knowledge from both extensive research and life experience, drawing from "Stress Pandemic: The Lifestyle Solution" to share the practical and powerful keys to mastering stress and living well. By implementing these lifestyle steps, anyone can free her or himself from stress and enjoy optimal health and wellbeing. It's never too late to start! No matter how old you are or how unhealthy you've been in the past, caring for your mind and body has enormous benefits that will help you stay active, sharpen your memory, boost your immune system, manage health problems and fortify you to help you master your stress.



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