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Attempted courtesy could end in tragedy

November 15, 2012
Al Rabold , The Maui Weekly

Upcountry drivers are usually pretty courteous on our narrow, winding back roads. More often than not, they will pull over to the right if a faster driver approaches from the rear. Unfortunately, they don't always think about the safety issues involved in their choices.

It is exceptionally dangerous to only get part of the way off the road. It forces the passing driver to move into the oncoming lane. If the straight in front is too short, if there are upcoming blind corners, hills or valleys or vegetation that prevent safe passing, you are endangering yourself, the passing driver and any oncoming cars hidden by the road features. It could end in real tragedy!

So, by all means, continue to be courteous to each other on the back roads, but be safe, too! When in doubt, stay in your lane!

Al Rabold




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