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More information on GMOs requested

November 22, 2012
Bill Blietz - Makawao , The Maui Weekly

Thank you for the GMO food forum article ["GMO Right To Know Urged," Oct. 25], by your excellent writer, Susan Halas.

This subject is being thrown around to alarm all the tree huggers. Your last paragraph clearly sets the fact that no opposition was present to provide some alternative views [" there were no representatives of any of those firms present at the meeting. Nor were there any speakers present who took positions in favor of GMOs as safe and non-hazardous."]

It is difficult to obtain a reasonable overall view on this GMO concept. Everyone is trying to see the entire picture. Could you write another article about some more of this GMO concept? The Internet provides some information, but it is truly a small picture of this complex and difficult subject matter. Halas' ability to give clear and understandable writings would be very valuable to the public.

Labeling a product as GMO for no logical reason is not an answer, especially since no one clearly understands the problems with GMO.

Monsato has tried to control their seed for crops all over the world--another phase of the ugly American concept for the world to handle and digest. Clearly, there are problems, but what are they and reasonable solutions need to be offered not tree-hugger hysterical rants at the nearest listener.

Someone has to take this subject matter and thoroughly discuss it for your public readers. Yes, it will a great deal of work to properly present all aspects of the GMO and let the reader arrive at certain conclusions on their own after the subject matter is presented in a fashion that is complete and objective.

If you could find the time to allow such a presentation in your Maui Weekly paper, it would really be a public service that is needed by all your readers.

Your weekly paper readers will be given information which for many reasons isn't supplied by other sources. It can't be covered by one article.

We like your writing style. Keep it up. It is like Harry Edgar and his wonderful articles written for Maui readers.

Bill Blietz




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