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‘Undercover’ Options

Perfection’s professionals and a spectrum of pretty products take the pain out of bra shopping.

February 7, 2013
Cindy Schumacher - Contributing Writer , The Maui Weekly

As Cupid circles in clouds of blossoms, we are reminded that the month of romance is upon us. With Valentine's Day rapidly approaching, what better gift can we offer to our loved one, friends or ourselves than a gift of Perfection?

Located in Wailuku town behind McDonald's, Perfection is Maui's only locally owned professional bra-fitting salon. Specialist and owner Terri Erwin was trained as a professional bra fitter in an award-winning salon in New Orleans before moving to Maui in 2009.

"At Perfection, we take pride in offering perfectly fitted and flattering bras, foundation-garments, lingerie and swimwear for all of Maui's women, whether size two or 24 or sizes A-DDDD-plus," said Erwin, who treats every client with respect, honesty and aloha. Fitting is free and is the single most important thing offered alongside a heady inventory beginning at $24.

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Perfection specialist and owner Terri Erwin was trained as a professional bra-fitter in an award-winning salon in New Orleans before moving to Maui. As a former teacher and community advocate, Erwin is dedicated to the whole spectrum of women in the Maui community. Now she has the goal of educating them about their ‘undercover’ options and helping them look their very best.

"Women are overwhelmed by seas of cookie-cutter bras in department stores with little assistance in fitting," said Erwin. "And they are shooting in the dark when they shop online. It's no wonder they hate to bra shop."

What makes Perfection unique is that a professional fitter takes all that anxiety away while helping you build the perfect bra wardrobe.

As a former teacher and community advocate, Erwin is devoted to the whole spectrum of women in the Maui community. Now she has the goal of educating them about their "undercover" options and helping them look their very best.

She has fitted over 1,000 women and successfully treated a wide range of special concerns. "I am committed to assisting and inspiring others to positively transform their own lives in health and comfort," she said.

A correctly fitting bra is imperative to good health, while ill-fitting bras contribute to numerous musculoskeletal problems. "We specialize in what some large stores consider the 'hard-to-fit,' said Erwin. This includes heavy busts, broad and petite frames, asymmetrical busts and post-surgery clients."

"Many women may be familiar with the annoyances of an ill-fitting bra, but there can be health consequences to wearing the wrong size," she noted.

Medical experts agree that the importance of a proper bra fit is grossly underestimated and misunderstood by most women around the world. Doctors agree that an ill-fitting or unsupportive bra can result in back pain, shoulder pain, poor posture and a generally uncomfortable or exhausted feeling.

Part of the bra's job is to lock down the momentum and support the weight of the breast tissue, relieving strain on the neck, shoulders and back. Shoulder indentations often occur when a woman hitches her straps too tightly, compensating for support she's not getting from a loose band.

"The bra band can inch up your back, annoying you and causing discomfort," Erwin said.

"In fact, industry experts say that the number of women wearing the wrong bra could be as high as 85 percent," she said. "Women should remember that their breast size often changes over time."

Whatever your size is now, it probably won't be the same size you'll wear for the rest of your life.

"Because pregnancy, menopause and weight gain or loss can change the size and shape of your breasts, you should re-measure at least every two years," she said.

Many women are wearing the wrong bra size because the one they need simply isn't available to buy at the places they shop. Women who wear larger sizes, double DD's and higher, can look and feel good when they've found the place to purchase the correct fit.

Many confuse the number of the bra size with the letter. The number tells how many inches around your ribcage. The letter describes how much room your breast needs in the forward direction to sit in the cup nicely.

"Both need to be right for a good fit," said Erwin. "In fact, even strapless bras, properly fitted, will work for women up to a G cup."

Perfection can help solve problems such as concealing the chill factor or compensating when one breast is bigger than the other.

"Breast augmentations require the same support as natural breasts and should also be properly fitted," said Erwin. "And Perfection offers a selection of mastectomy bras."

Erwin highly regards proper care for undergarments.

"We sell a product called Soak that is specially designed for cleaning and conditioning synthetic fabrics," she said. "It is also great for removing salt water and chlorine from swim suits."

Lingerie bags that prevent tangling, snagging and roughing-up of fabric in the washer are available for purchase. In addition, handmade jewelry by designer Amy Crowe adds more choices for gifts.

"We are happy to provide you with the perfect present for any woman, a gift certificate in the amount of your choice, accompanied by Perfection's complimentary personalized bra-fitting consultation," Erwin said.

Gentlemen, a gift certificate from Perfection, exquisitely presented, is a sure hit for the lady in your life, or, ladies, discover a personalized gift for yourself and your friends.

Perfection is located in Wailuku behind McDonald's. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

For more information, visit or call (808) 269-4437.



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