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Maui resident’s healing abilities come from the heart.

March 14, 2013
Bill Burgess , The Maui Weekly

Some people come into your life like gangbusters and make a energetic impact on your world. Other people come in gently and quietly, but nevertheless leave their unique, indelible mark.

Healer Thomas "Valentine" Holick fits both these categories. He is a peaceful, easygoing brother and a powerful spiritual warrior who usually flies under the radar. Over the years, his natural healing ability has become well known on Maui.

Valentine is also a softball player, swimmer, gymnast and quarterback. He ascribes to the Greek philosophy that a healthy body and healthy mind go hand in hand.

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Healer Thomas “Valentine” Holick is a peaceful, easygoing brother and a powerful spiritual warrior who usually flies under the radar.

His unusual life started to reveal itself in a dramatic way when he was an 11-year-old sixth-grader. He pitched a baseball game in his hometown of Linden, New Jersey, and struck out 18 batters in a six-inning game! He struck out everybody! Using only a fastball! For that astounding feat, he was nominated to his hometown's athletic Hall of Fame and will remain eligible for the next 10 years.

And just so you don't think that the Linden Hall of Fame is a rinky-dink Hall for Hicks, just get a load of who else is up for nomination along with Valentine--Eddie Kasko of the Cincinnati Reds; John Charles, 1967 MVP of the Rose Bowl while at Purdue, who also played eight seasons in the NFL; Tameka Dixon of the WNBA; and the Dorrin sisters, who are world-class bowlers.

The official Baseball Hall of Fame Museum and Library in Cooperstown, New York, has accepted the record of the box score of his 18 strikeout no-hitter game in addition to his no-hitter with seven out of nine strikeouts.

One might surmise that a kid with such obvious athletic potential would eventually seek a professional career in baseball. The professional baseball scouts of the Pittsburgh Pirates and New York Yankees both assured Valentine that they would give him tryouts with their teams and told him he was sure to pass. But they also questioned whether a professional athletic career would be his best choice.

In the end, Valentine decided that while a baseball career would be a good life, he didn't think it was his best choice. He was being guided in another direction altogether and he chose another path.

Valentine accomplishes much of his work helping others through foreseeing the future. He most definitely has "the gift." His grandfather, Michael, also had it. As a young boy, he noticed on his paper route that many elderly people were on prescription medications. But the drugs, they said, made them feel worse instead of better. With this insight, he resolved to follow the natural path to health and wellness.

His father tried to help people by recommending healthy remedies as a substitute for prescription medication. Valentine's brother, Dr. Michael Holick, is the leading researcher in the world on the subject of vitamin D and symptoms of its deficiencies. His book, "The UV Advantage," talks about sunshine as a healthy asset. Seems like the Holick DNA is about being of service to humanity.

For decades, Valentine traveled far and wide, assisting thousands of needy individuals, always free of charge, getting by on trades and divine assistance. Valentine is of the unbreakable belief that people helping each other, using natural methods and remedies and healthy eating patterns, is a solid foundation to changing the world. He tries to help people understand that it's up to us, to help each other and not be so reliant on government aid and drugs which can create a helpless sense of dependency. He is all about teaching people to take their power back and then using it for the good of all. When he hugs, it comes from the heart--Valentine's hug therapy.

Mr. Holick is a throwback to the Renaissance man, the well-rounded universal man, the classical balance of divine forces. In one of his many visions, he foresaw the Los Angeles riots two weeks before the chaos ensued. He received a vision to get out of town.

"There were matchsticks over my head and the candle in the room just broke and started a fire," he said.

He also had premonitions of the Sept. 11, 2001, event and was telling people that the airlines should be shut down.

Valentine moved to Maui in 1991 and felt a strong connection to the land, animals, rocks, plants, people and waters.

"It is the most exciting thing to be here--to give back to the Earth," said Valentine.

One of his favorite activities is to swim and connect with high-frequency pods of 40 dolphins.

Valentine feels that Hawai'i is the perfect place for him. It offers so much in terms of love and beauty and life force. It supports his inner balance and his life of service. He is most emphatically "a heart guy," combining depth and love with a passionate commitment to work with all around him. This unconditional commitment knows no limits. Healing is his life's work and what Valentine is all about.

Valentine is available for interviews, readings, documentaries and films at; Thomas Valentine Holick on Facebook; via email; and (808) 665-1921 by phone.



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