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Share the Road and the Aloha

March 28, 2013
Charles Laquidara - Contributing Writer ( , The Maui Weekly

The signs on Maui highways may be hazardous to our health. Maui residents often joke that that some cigar-smoking fat cat in Honolulu must have thrown darts at numbers on a dartboard to come up with the 40 mph speed limits we currently have on our major highways.

Drivers moseying along in the left lane and holding up traffic as they drive directly alongside other cars making veritable "rolling roadblocks" are a common cause of road rage, aggressive driving and preventable accidents.

If you normally drive in the passing lane and your response is, "I am going the speed limit, so I really don't care that there are several cars behind me!"--this is not aloha.

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Slow drivers in the left lane cause road rage • aggressive driving • accidents
Let others pass • It’s the ALOHA way

People simply need to pass other cars sometimes, and they occasionally may choose to go a bit faster than you. That is the reality. They may have to get to the hospital; perhaps their kid got sick or hurt in school; they need to get to the airport because their airline switched departure times; their cat is hemorrhaging--or, whatever it is--our fellow drivers have their own personal reasons to use the left lane that you are blocking.

Until more practical, traffic-friendly and common sense signs are posted all along our highways, please, share the road and share the aloha.

Pull out of the passing lane and let everyone enjoy the drive.

This opinion column is written by Charles Laquidara, who has lived on Maui since August 2000. He worked at WBCN radio in Boston for 30 years as the morning-drive host of a show called "The Big Mattress" and is occasionally heard on Mana'o Radio here on-island. Email or subscribe to his daily ramblings on Facebook.



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