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Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

June 13, 2013
Charles Laquidara - Contributing Writer ( , Maui Weekly

The global warming debate has gone on for so long that when most people hear the phrase, their brains immediately go into "Do Not Disturb" mode. This is mostly due to the Internet and its ability to allow anyone with an opinion to get "absolute proof" that supports his or her belief. The crazy debates become intolerably boring to most of us.

However, it is a given that any reasonable amount of objective research will ultimately bring you to this conclusion:

"No scientific body of national or international standing disagrees with the view that global warming is occurring and that it is being caused by humans, though a few organizations do still hold non-committal positions. Disputes over the key scientific facts of global warming are now more prevalent in the popular media than in the scientific literature, where such issues are treated as resolved, and more in the United States than globally."

It was sad to read recent news reports of a storm chaser and his son and other passengers getting killed as they were tracking the most recent Oklahoma tornado. These tornadoes, hurricanes and "natural" disasters are rapidly becoming more common and more severe each year.

Climate change/global warming (or whatever you choose to call the phenomenon that certain people with a certain political agenda are in denial about) is going to be a major game-changer in more ways than we can imagine.

Start with the premise that there will be many more storms, and that these storms will be a lot more intense and eventually unleash more devastation than our governments can handle. The days of U.S. governors issuing "states of emergency" and then receiving federal emergency funds are likely to end.

If you think this is only some kind of left-wing paranoia, please save today's article and get back to me in a year or two.

No "Chicken Little" here. The sky really is falling, at least in terms of federal tax money being spent to try to keep up with the ravages of nature.

So, before you say, "I don't believe in global warming and I also don't want to pay taxes to stem these manmade causes of global warming," batten down the hatches, roll the dice and watch as the effects of "nonexistent" global warming/climate change come to a neighborhood near you.




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