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A Four-Star Miracle Gadget

August 8, 2013
Charles Laquidara - Contributing Writer ( , Maui Weekly

I love gadgets--especially practical ones. I don't normally review products or give out brand names, because it could get very sticky at some point. But I'll make an exception, because this is something that I think everybody should know about--especially for people on-the-go all the time or bachelors who do not find the kitchen to be very friendly place to spend time.

I got the product on Amazon, but you could probably get on the Internet somewhere else, or perhaps at a department store. It's called a "Chef'sChoice Gourmet Egg Cooker 810." I had never heard of it before. It looked like some silly invention that wasn't going to do much except take up counter space. But now, I am hooked on it. It's a little miracle.

It is simple and quick. You just take four or five eggs out of the carton and put them on the little plastic shelf attachment (or crack them into the poacher tray), set the timer and about five to eight minutes later, when the cooker whistles--voila! The eggs are done. Perfectly.

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Charles Laquidara

Take out the soft-boiled ones you want to eat now, close the cover and wait another 10 minutes until the timer whistles again and the remaining eggs are, yes, hard boiled! Nothing easier, ever.

I'm a bachelor, so trust me--this sucker is worth every penny.

Warning: Make sure you set your watch or find some way to remind you to be in the kitchen when the timer goes off, because when it does, there is no automatic shut off! You may end up getting the hardest boiled eggs in history and giving your kitchen a smell that would make the HC&S cane burn smell like lavender patchouli oil!

If they ever make an automatic shutoff for it, I'll give this baby 20 stars instead of just four!

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