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‘The Travel Angel’

New guide opens readers’ minds to grand adventure.

September 19, 2013
Maui Weekly

While millions enjoy the journey, the hassle of travel is enough to keep some would-be adventurers from ever leaving home. In Rev. Cindy Paulos' insightful new book, "The Travel Angel Handbook, A Guide to Reduce the Stress of Air Travel," she shares step-by-step wisdom about how to get from A to B with as much enjoyment as possible.

From ancient voyagers to today's frequent fliers, travel has always been a window to the rest of the world and a means of transforming strangers into valued friends. But how can the average person leave their cares behind to open themselves to travel's grand adventure?

This informative and entertaining collection of tips from Paulos (aka "The Travel Angel") covers every step of the process--from getting documents in order and stopping the mail at home to deep breathing, affirmations and simple exercises anyone can do in their seat when things in the cabin get turbulent or boring.

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Paulos is an award-winning author, songwriter, radio personality and travel agent. For many years, she has made her home on Maui, which has been her launch pad for frequent jaunts around the planet.

From her own research and travels to more than 25 countries, she has learned invaluable practical lessons--the cheapest days of the week and month to travel, herbal remedies, the right things to say to desk agents at the gate to get an upgrade and a foolproof method of actually packing light.

As a long-time spiritual seeker in a variety of disciplines, she also brings a right-brain approach to the subject.

"I address the fears and nagging little worries that can spoil a trip and ingeniously replace them with ways of focusing, calming and projecting the energy you want to receive," said Paulos.

"Just as the first part of the book is full of detailed how-to tips, the second part is a soothing prescription for well-being, with step-by-step physical exercises (walking around the cabin every hour is a start) to affirmations and prayers to quiet the chattering mind," said Paulos.

Just reading the spiritual chapters, including quotes from famous travellers, can be a valuable aid on any journey. Packing "The Travel Angel" in a carry-on guarantees that travellers will have a wonderful companion on every flight.

Since its release, the book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews: "Air travel can be pretty stressful. So it was great to find a complete handbook that covers everything from getting ready for a trip to all the things you can do to get through the airport with less stress. I especially like the positive travel affirmations, meditations and prayers. I take long trips, and the stretching exercises are easy to do and can easily be done on-board with drawing too much attention to yourself."

"The Travel Angel Handbook" ebook, soft cover book and the Travel Angel App are available at and on Amazon. Listen to the "Travel Angel Show" on KAOI 1110 AM and 96.7 FM on Mondays at 2:05 p.m.

Contact Paulos at (808) 244-9145 and



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