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Public Should Have Opportunity for Input on Kahoma Village Project

Community not given proper notice on affordable housing project site inspection.

January 2, 2014
Carmie Spellman - Via email , Maui Weekly

Why is it you don't have this important meeting date, Wednesday, Jan. 8, listed for the public regarding the Kahoma Village Project, an affordable housing property proposed project surrounded by Front Street, Kenui Street and Honoapi'ilani Highway?

According to Joanne Ridao, state Department of Health director, there is a site inspection meeting place at Kahoma Bridge at 10 a.m. on the Jan 8, where council members will be meeting in Lahaina and then later a state Land Use committee meeting at 1:30 p.m. in Wailuku?

This is a site visit to inspect the 24 acres owned by the Weinberg Foundation and developer Stanford Carr. I receive notices for everything, but for some reason there is not one single mention of this meeting anywhere on public sites, nor have I received any email notice.

I think that the public should have the right to know about this meeting on Jan. 8. To date, very few people are aware of what is happening with this 24-acre parcel that has been a dumping ground for 50 years. For the record, even the people that live around this property have the right to know what is happening, and to date, most of the property owners haven't even been contacted regarding the project at all. Many didn't receive letters originally from the developer Stanford Carr during the beginning process.

How can the public give you feed back if they don't know about the meeting?

This has been fast-tracked through the system, but I am requesting you slow down and allow public input!

Baby Beach is already practically dead and this project will seriously impact the health and most likely be the death of our beloved shoreline.

Especially egregious is the fact that the developer is asking for significant "exclusions" that should be evaluated by everyone involved. This project has a huge footprint and long-term effects with a significant impact on the entire State of Hawai'i on numerous social, ecological, environmental and financial levels and on our individual lives--especially for all of us who will have to put up with this project for four years of nonstop noise, dust and congestion in an already overdeveloped environment.

Our infrastructure cannot handle what is already allocated. We don't have enough water and our sewer system is overloaded. Police and firemen are stretched to the limit. There is no more room at the Aquatic Center area for children. Even worse, the ocean, the 'aina and all our people will have to live with this hasty decision for the rest of our lives.

Meanwhile, across the street there are many brand new structures still sitting vacant and have been for a year or more.

So please be sure to evaluate more than just this vacant property. Please inspect the entire neighborhood including the Buddha and graveyard across the street, and make a point to walk along Baby Beach at low tide. It will break your heart!

Is it possible to reschedule these meetings on this parcel of land until you have it properly posted and advised the entire state of this meeting?



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