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Use of toxic herbicides and pesticides must be stopped

February 13, 2014
Brian Sweeney - Via email , Maui Weekly

Warren Watanabe defends use of toxic herbicides and pesticides in this way: "We respectfully ask that decisions are based on fact and evidence and not exclude or ignore the voices of those who suffer the consequences of an anti-agriculture bill."

Suffering is something that Warren Watanabe chooses to ignore in his diatribe to defend the defenseless and obscene use of anti-human chemicals--manipulation of the Creator's nature code. The facts and evidence are hidden, because the victims are dead. His writing relies on censorship and deception by omission of historical fact to support his position.

First of all, Monsanto and Baer have been defense contractors for 100 years or more. Why are defense contractors in charge of our food supply? They have every local government invested in their companies, so that they have a guaranteed financial support for the product. Did you ever wonder why the robot-like county employees sit in the back of a truck and spray all of the sides of the road with toxic Roundup? The more product they spray, the more the county accumulates dividends.

Evidence can be found on: the Indian reservations in Arizona, San Carlos and White Mountain Apache; the countries that made up Vietnam have horrendous birth defects from these chemicals; logging areas in Oregon; Okinawa military bases; and Korean and U.S military dump sites.

Many other locations have been poisoned by our own government, especially any military bases and coca-producing regions. This information is hardly ever presented in the "news."

You can check out two books published on the subject that were written by people who are now deceased because of agricultural spraying of toxic herbicide/pesticide in proximity of their living areas. The books are "Sue The Bastards" and "Bitter Fog."

Brian Sweeney

Via email



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