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The Climate Change Blame Game is Over

Don’t be caught unprepared.

March 6, 2014
Charles Laquidara - Contributing Writer ( , Maui Weekly

Start with two simple premises and stay with me for a moment.

Premise 1: The world is experiencing extreme climate changes. Agreed?

Premise 2: Weather conditions will either stay the same or get worse, but they will not get suddenly better. Agreed? (If not, then pray that you are correct!)

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Charles Laquidara

Not to sound like Krypton's leading scientist, Jor-El (Superman's DC Comics dad), but no matter whether there is or isn't "global warming;" no matter whether mankind, or Bush or Obama caused it; and no matter what anyone really thinks; I believe this phenomenon we are also calling "climate change" (a conveniently understated misnomer) will alter our lifestyles drastically and sooner than many global warming theorists had supposed--perhaps within the next five years.

Those of us who believe this is happening never thought we ourselves would live to see the really bad part. We were mostly concerned about our kids and grandkids. Without trying to sound like a Chicken-Little-the-sky-is-falling doom-caster, I see some kind of imminent world chaos--not so much Armageddon, but a lot of confusion and many changes in the way we live now.

You don't have to be a professor of economics to see that as the weather continues to degrade, there will not be enough funds available and not enough ability to cope with the increasingly and more frequent resultant storms, business closings, flight cancellations, related casualties, electronic/mechanical failures and power stoppages.

I am only a simple, former radio DJ, so if I can see this realistically from what little information I have, how must the people who have access to all the data feel about the knowledge they have and cannot (or will not) share for reasons of panic, etc.

Now, why am I even writing such a negative, Debby Downer, depressing piece? Even if I am correct, what possible good does it do to talk about it?

I decided to discuss this because I think readers should at least not be blindsided by what I believe will be an inevitable series of events--some that we can logically predict and others we can only imagine.

The blame game is over. There is no way to undo the problem: We can only try to deal with what we have before us now, and then hope that someday science and industry will be able to mitigate its affects and prevent a bad situation from getting worse.

You can say this sounds really depressing, especially if my prediction turns out to be correct, but please understand that I am not suggesting that you not enjoy your life and the otherwise wonderful times ahead. I am only suggesting that you to try to be prepared for whatever might result from these unknown and unpredictable conditions. Do whatever you can do to gather information, and understand that some things we have always taken for granted may not be quite so tenable anymore.

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