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Missing Persons and the Public’s Relationship With the MPD

MPD and politicians should be accountable to and communicate with the public.

March 6, 2014
Jimmy Muchetti - Kula , Maui Weekly

As a grandfather, father, brother and son, it angers me to read of the way the Maui Police Department [MPD] has handled these recent missing persons cases. Equally disturbing is the way that they relate to the public.

There's no doubt that we have some excellent people in the force and always have. However, we've also had this ongoing feeling of not being really accountable to the public. This attitude of arrogance toward the public has gone far enough.

I put this squarely on the shoulders of our mayor, Alan Arakawa. I guarantee this is not the first time he's heard this. He is supposed to lead this county.

The next place the buck stops should be Police Chief Gary Yabuta.

From there, it should be the Police Commission, and somewhere in there, I would hope, our County Council.

One thing we should never hear is the type of comments from the MPD that have been posted in our local media. To hear this back-and-forth in the public is wrong.

If I were on the commission, I wouldn't need a complaint from the public to address this lack of communication. To read about the extremely unprofessional way that Carly Scott's vehicle was handled should be enough to take action. Or complaints that her ex-boyfriend's house was not searched, even after he failed the polygraph test, if that's true, should be enough to take action.

Worse to me is for Capt. John Jakubczak's contradicting statements made by relatives of these missing persons, as well as from former members of the MPD--denying, wholesale, all of these allegations. You don't deny, you explain.

This captain said that these comments were untrue. Really? Well please explain that to us. Be accountable. Come back with some facts.

Did you collect everything at the crime scenes? Take prints from items that were found, or did others have an opportunity to handle those items, after the fact?

Did you check Scott's ex-boyfriend's house? If not, why didn't you?

Yes, you're answerable to the general public. MPD, the mayor, the council and the commissioners seem to forget that fact. You are all public servants. You serve, work for, and are paid by the public. We don't serve you. We have hired you--the mayor, the chief, and every single officer and local politician.

So do your jobs, or we'll replace you.

I, for one, never want to read about a family member of a victim considering filing a complaint in order to get the service we have all paid for and deserve.

God bless the missing and their 'ohana.



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