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A New Day Dawns at Maui Humane Society

The Maui Humane Society Board has the power to choose its next CEO.

March 13, 2014
Phyllis Tavares - Executive Director | 9th Life Hawai‘i, Maui’s largest nonprofit, No-Kill Cat Rescue & Sanctuary , Maui Weekly

Jocelyn Bouchard, CEO of the Maui Humane Society (MHS), has resigned. The Maui Humane Society Board members now have a unique opportunity to lead this island in embracing the no-kill movement. Organizations that have already achieved "no-kill" agree that the single most important variable in reaching success is to have a CEO who wholeheartedly embraces the no-kill philosophy. Without that kind of leadership at the helm, the shelter will sink back into the morass of killing.

Entire cities have gone no-kill, including Austin, Texas (a city with a much larger population than Maui). The Nevada Humane Society in Reno went no-kill in less than one year. They took an open-admission shelter (like Maui Humane Society) and turned an 80-plus percent kill ratio into a 92 percent save ratio.

Compassionate, loving care for animals does not include killing them to lower their population. Killing is not a kindness. It is the final immoral injustice.

The Maui Humane Society Board is the decision-maker as to who will be its next CEO. We implore the board to include a clause in the contract that the new CEO must implement plans to reach no-kill status within one year, and failure to do so should be a valid reason for non-renewal of the employment contract.

It bears repeating: If the Nevada Humane Society can do it, if the city of Austin, Texas, can do it, if the city of Los Angeles is implementing no-kill operations, so can we.

Reaching no-kill status means using the successful strategies of the "No-Kill Equation." For more information about the "No-Kill Equation," read "Redemption, the Myth of Pet Overpopulation and the No-Kill Revolution in America" by Nathan Winograd and "No-Kill 101," a publication of the No-Kill Advocacy Center.

The single most important part of the "No-Kill Equation" is to have a CEO at the helm who believes it is possible and makes that his/her goal. This includes finding homes for adoptable animals; securing adequate space for sterilized, feral cat colonies that do not compromise bird populations; increasing foster programs; retraining dogs with behavioral issues; providing high-volume, free feline and canine spay/neuter services; and working hand-in-hand with the community to reach no-kill status.

If you want to make Maui a no-kill island, email or write the Maui Humane Society Board of Directors and our County Council members. Tell them you want a CEO who will implement the "No-Kill Equation" immediately, with the goal of reaching no-kill status within one year.

The MHS Board is looking for a CEO now. Email them

Wouldn't it be great for Maui to be a no-kill island and lead Hawai'i? We can do it! The time is now.



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