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Why Don’t We Listen to the Experts?

We should trust those who have devoted a lifetime of study to help make our food better, safer and more plentiful.

March 20, 2014
Judith G. Eagle - Wailuku , Maui Weekly

Your "In Support of GMO Crops" commentary in the Feb. 6-12 issue of the Maui Weekly is overwhelmingly persuasive.

Thanks to you plus Peter J. Davies, Cornell International professor of plant biology.

His incisive presentation on why GMO crops make huge sense was compellingly fact-filled.

Not only does Professor Davies' detailed commentary make this clear, but recently, so have the frank comments of farmers here and nationwide.

Farmers have risen up to point out the obvious: they produce more and better crops with more drought resistance growing genetically modified crops.

Farmers here belatedly got the chance to point out their needs to produce superior crops. They have actually been able to do so with less damaging, better weed/pest preventives with genetic modification. They further report that uninformed regulation of labeling can be crippling. A balance is clearly vital.

Wild tales of strange effects overseas have resulted in careful checking by educated specialists, including professors. Professor Davies pointed out that the investigators have found the stories simply to be false. Vast populations have safely consumed such crops for l5 years, he said. This occurs along with other reports of 90 percent of Mainland crops being GMO. Again, this is due, among other things, to more disease and pest resistance with gentler preventives because the crops are modified.

The need for such an enlightened report is obvious. Our mushrooming world population does not stop. When one takes the time to delve into the science in an informed way, the truth surfaces. Professor Davies' comments tidily made the record clear. Such crops are more plentiful because they are more drought resistant.

The Cornell International professor of plant biology talked about a multitude of top national organizations which have found GMO crops as safe as others. Further, he stated that qualified European committees have found the same results.

Now that we know better, shall we give the chance to be heard to those in the best position to know? Shall we make a real effort to understand? If that is hard, shall we trust those who have given a lifetime of study to helping make our food better, safer and more plentiful?

Thank you, Professor Davies.



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