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Wants Cannabis Legalized

April 15, 2014
Michael Wilmeth - Via email , Maui Weekly

I was very disappointed about the "Smart Approaches to Marijuana" (SAM) article in the April 3-9 issue of the Maui Weekly. It's filled with misinformation from a group who is fighting to keep their jobs as they see legalization becoming a reality in the near future. SAM was formed to try to block legalization efforts and to keep cannabis demonized so they can keep raking in billions a year for treatments not needed. Cannabis is 100 percent nontoxic, non-addictive and a far safer alternative to alcohol.

I have a lot to say on this issue, but for now, I'd like to state a few facts. Prohibition has failed. Any 13-year-old in any city in the nation can get cannabis in five minutes. Laws for or against cannabis do nothing to change this reality. The next falsehood is that because cannabis is stronger, it's more dangerous. False. Stronger cannabis requires less smoking and is therefore healthier. It is the same high--it just takes less. Using more will not cause behavior different from lower THC varieties.

Now we can look at Colorado, which this year will earn $137 million in tax revenue plus billions in income from the flood of people moving there and visiting to partake of legal cannabis.

Maui needs to legalize it 100 percent for adult use and we will have more tourism dollars than we have ever seen.

Laws against God's plants are unjust and outdated and need to go. It's time to respect our people's right to use plants as we see fit. Legalize cannabis!

Michael Wilmeth

Via email



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