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Monsanto taking action to meet farmers’ increasing needs

May 8, 2014
Kurt Adams - Kihei , Maui Weekly

Monsanto is one of the leading genetically modified (GM) seed companies in the world. I'm very proud that my company is taking action to make this world we live in a better place by helping farmers stay ahead of the game and meeting their demands, helping different areas in the world that have drought issues, producing seeds with traits that are resistant to diseases, herbicide and drought.

This means the farmer uses less insecticide and produces higher yields than its non-GM counterpart. How is this not a good thing--especially since it is all done with scientific innovation that has been proven to be safe?

Less than 3 percent of all corn grown in the U.S. goes to human consumption the rest goes so many different products we use every day, like ethanol in our gasoline.

I truly believe there is a place for organics and I also truly believe there is a necessity for biotechnology.

What we produce here in Hawai'i gets shipped around the world and people really need to think about that. There are so many things we import into the U.S. from foreign countries and to Hawai'i from the Mainland, just so we can function and to make our lives easier. It's a good thing to export a product, especially if it's produced here.

Kurt Adams




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