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Go Maui Seeks Greater Opportunity for Maui Residents

June 30, 2014
Alice Lee - President, Go Maui Inc. , Maui Weekly

Go Maui Inc. is a nonpartisan organization that engages and represents local residents on key initiatives and issues that affect Maui's quality of life and champions for a cohesive community on Maui.

Go Maui's mission is "to empower local residents to obtain housing, educational opportunities and employment in a healthy environment and vibrant economy while respecting our diverse cultures."

The "Go" in "Go Maui" stands for "greater opportunity."

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Go Maui
Let’s Move Maui Forward

For quite some time, there has been much discussion about the need for an organization on Maui to advocate for our local residents.

After a year of thoughtful discussion and meticulous planning, a dedicated group of community members have formed an entity that will stand up and advocate for the community.

The organization is focusing its efforts on housing, jobs, water, agriculture, economic opportunity and infrastructure to sustain a strong economy, better paying jobs, a vibrant housing market, better education for our children, energy conservation, environmental stewardship and much more.

Go Maui is establishing partnerships with businesses, industry, stakeholders and residents to increase awareness of key issues facing Maui. Our goal is to establish Go Maui as a positive vital force in our community.

It is also our intent to seek to lower the strident tone and the harsh rhetoric that has too often come to dominate our community conversations about important and sometimes controversial issues that can create strong passion on many sides. We believe that our shared island values teach us to respect each other, to be civil and to not vilify the other side and cast suspicion on their motives just because they may disagree with us. The loudest voice in the room should not dominate and drive others from the public square.

In the past few months, Go Maui Inc. has organized a "Kokua Agriculture" festival that drew hundreds of agriculture families and supporters to the Baldwin High School Gym. We have offered testimony on the Residential Workforce Housing Bill, the GMO-pesticide moratorium initiative, the Implementation Chapter of the Maui Island Plan, water rates and meter fees, the Baldwin Beach land swap with A&B to build a new county service center in Kahului, and HC&S' efforts to work with the community and adjust its agricultural practices and still stay in business.

We are a new organization actively seeking to expand our base of supporters and our board membership. In addition to our advocacy efforts, this will continue to be a focus of our efforts in the coming months.

We also seek your financial support of Go Maui Inc. Join our ranks and be a part of this pro-active, broad-based network of like-minded residents to promote common goals, objectives and values. We cannot do this alone and strongly encourage your participation.

Go Maui is a nonprofit 501(c)(4) registered with the state.

For additional information about Go Maui Inc. and how to donate, visit



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