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To All Animal Owners in Maui County

June 30, 2014
Richard St. Gaudens - Ha‘iku , Maui Weekly

1. Animal means any fowl, reptile or mammal. 2. All animals must have access to a barn, doghouse or suitable shelter to protect it from wind, rain and sun, with a dry place to rest. 3. All animals must have access to clean water. 4. All animals must have sufficient food and space to exercise. 5. All animals must get proper veterinary care. 6. Confinement areas must be kept clean from waste and contaminants. 7. The air temperature around the animal must be comfortable.

These are humane laws for keeping all animals in Maui County.

Animal owners must treat their animals in a humane manner by following all of the above; it is the law. If not, the fines are $1,000 and possible jail time. These laws are just as important as speeding, drunk driving and other laws that keep our community safe and comfortable.

Take care of your animals correctly, if not, you are breaking the law.

Richard St. Gaudens




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