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Why We Don’t Trust Monsanto

There is no evidence or studies that show GMOs are safe.

July 10, 2014
Via Email | Kihei , Maui Weekly

In response to Monsanto employee Dan Clegg's letter to the editor ("False Claims About Monsanto Continue, June 5-11 issue of the Maui Weekly)," he gives no evidence or studies that show GMOs are safe. His claims are empty.

Well here are some true claims that cannot be refuted-even by Monsanto.

1.Besides God, Monsanto "owns" seeds through patents and they sue anyone who uses them without paying. God doesn't sue.

2.South Africa pulled Monsanto ads in March 2014 due to deception, because Monsanto couldn't provide independent or even credible data! (See

3.Monsanto says they are feeding the world. Here are the poorest, hungriest nations that have banned GMO imports: Angola, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe. (See

4.Other countries with bans on GMOs include: Italy, Austria, France, Germany, Russia, Luxembourg, Portugal, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Algeria, Brazil, Paraguay, Japan, Mexico and more.

5.Dan wants to know why there are hateful accusations about Monsanto, which he claims is making a positive difference while maintaining a stellar safety record. Does he know anything about the company he works for?

At one time, Monsanto tried to convince the world that spraying people with DDT was a positive difference. DDT was banned for causing cancer. A lawsuit was filed against Monsanto manufacturers of Agent Orange because hundreds of veterans suffered permanent damage. Monsanto produced PCBs, which are highly toxic and have contaminated the entire world. Even polar bears have PCBs in their blood. (See

6.Monsanto also manufactured rBGH, a growth hormone given to cows. It makes cows sick. Monsanto has been forced to admit to about 20 toxic effects, including mastitis, on its POSILAC label. Humans who drink this milk will get sick. (See

Where is the positive difference?

Monsanto has a frightening track record.

If GMOs are so positive, why have other countries banned them? What is so positive about using cancer-causing chemicals to grow GMOs? On Maui, all of Monsanto's GMOs are shipped off island. Chemicals used on GMOs here contaminate the water we drink, the soil, the air, the ocean and us! GMOs have DNA that can cross-pollinate with organic crops and will no longer be considered organic! GMOs have DNA that adversely effect bees, butterflies and livestock.

7.Monsanto does not have a stellar safety record. A Kansas farmer sued Monsanto, claiming the company's gross negligence hurt U.S. growers by driving down wheat prices and causing some international markets to suspend certain imports. (See

8.Monsanto has in the past sued over 100 farmers for patent infringement and won cases against farmers who were found to have used seeds without paying the company royalties. (See

9.Monsanto grows corn that is a living bug killer! Every cell of the corn plant has active bug killer DNA in it. Maui Monsanto grows Bt corn!

Another biotech company, Syngenta, has been criminally charged with denying knowledge that its genetically modified (GM) Bt corn kills livestock. (See

10.At Iowa State University, Aaron Gassmann said he confirmed four fields in which rootworms had developed resistance to Bt corn, and resistance problems have persisted in Iowa ever since. Between 2010 and 2013, Gassmann said he's visited between nine and 25 fields each year, where either Bt resistance was confirmed or where western corn rootworm imposed severe feeding injury to Bt corn. (See

11.The first long-time study released on pigs and cattle that eat GMO soy and corn offers frightening results. In this particular study, pigs and cows fed on the rather common diet of GMO corn and soy have suffered digestive and reproductive disorders. This is of particular importance since the human digestive tract is very similar to that of pigs. (See

12.2012 Monsanto found guilty of chemical poisoning-farmer suffers severe neurological damage. (See

13.The disappearance of the bees has been scientifically linked to chemicals, mainly neonicotinoids, used on GMO corn crops. Monsanto promotes neonicotinoids and coats their corn seed with this toxic killer. (See

14.When chemicals are sprayed to kill plants or weeds, the plants can no longer make oxygen for us to breathe-their death actually adds to carbon dioxide levels. GMO and chemical agriculture does not sequester (take out) carbon dioxide from the air, but adds to it! It is a fact that plants produce less oxygen as carbon dioxide levels increase. They produce different amounts of oxygen at different phases of their growing cycle. They take in different amounts of carbon dioxide at different temperatures. (See

Now does Dan see why people don't trust Monsanto?

They deceive, they control, they poison, they sue and they harm the environment.

Anyone who cares about the environment, about health, about being good stewards of the planet will not support GMOs or chemical farming.

Please vote to have a moratorium on GMOs!



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