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GO Maui, Greater Opportunities

Island group believes it represents the silent majority.

July 30, 2014
Alice Lee - GO Maui President , Maui Weekly

The "GO" in GO Maui stands for "greater opportunities." Our mission is to empower local residents to obtain housing, educational opportunities and employment in a healthy environment and vibrant economy while respecting our diverse cultures.

Many of us are from Maui, and we subscribe to a certain set of values--namely, island values. Island values recognize the need to be respectful, tolerant and accepting of others in the limited space we all share and call home. To the extent possible, we try to embrace each other's cultures and practices. We acknowledge differences and accept the fact that others have and are entitled to have different points of view. Many people who have moved here also share these values. We, with GO Maui, believe in moving Maui forward together in a good way.

We do not wish to be confrontational or combative, but we will not shrink from adversity. We believe we represent the silent majority--those who agree with our mission but do not have the time, means or know-how to make their voices heard.

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Alice L. Lee serves as president of GO Maui Inc.

We are strong advocates for housing, jobs, new water development, agriculture, economic opportunity, infrastructure and more.

During a recent County Council committee meeting on a proposed housing project, a council member queried a testifier about how she would handle the added traffic in her neighborhood if the project were approved. He asked her if she would mind waiting a little longer to exit her subdivision because of the added traffic the project would generate. She replied, "No. I wouldn't mind the wait if it meant that others could be able to have a home like me." Her remarks captured the essence of what GO Maui represents and embraces: island values.

Those of us who were born and raised here know full well what it's like to wait in longer lines, drive on busier roads or shop in stores where there are more strangers than familiar faces. This is a result of our growing resident population and influx of primarily people who have moved to Maui from the Mainland. However, a natural part of our upbringing was learning to accept and respect other cultures. If we did not agree with another's practices and beliefs, we were taught to tolerate them. We were taught the importance of sharing and making room for those who needed it.

As our population increases, of course, there will be delays when driving, walking, cycling, shopping, etc. Some people, especially those who moved to Maui, want a limit on housing, a limit on parks and recreational activities, a limit on farming--a limit on everything that causes them any inconvenience or deviation from their daily routines.

Without question, there is a very loud vocal minority out there. They think they speak for us, but we have our own voices and we do not agree with them. We believe it's time to hear other perspectives on important issues. We would like to see balance brought to the discussion table. GO Maui's priorities are very clear--we would like to improve the quality of life for our residents and improve our children's chances for success in the future while continuing to uphold our island values.

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