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Open Letter to Monsanto Requesting a Conversation

August 26, 2014
Maui Weekly

As I sit here wondering what we're facing, I see it as a huge opportunity. We've recently done something unprecedented. In collecting enough of a community response to pass the ballot initiative, we have shown that in Maui County, we want to have a debate on GMOs.

We publicly challenge Monsanto to a debate, televised and on social media, or both. Let's have several debates, actually.

There are a few questions the citizens of Maui County have for you, Monsanto. Or the moderator can come up with a few, or both.

I'm sure I could come up with a volunteer that would be willing to look one of your chosen representatives in the eye and ask a few questions, and answer yours, of course.

If no one else steps up, I will. I don't have a lot of fancy degrees, but I've been paying attention, and I have a few questions.

This is a debate we need to have.

I hear through the coconut wireless that you want to have a conversation about food.

Awesome! Me too!

Would you like to start, or shall I? (Crickets) alrighty then.

I normally stop for my smoothies at Ulu Market on South Kihei Road where that 7-Eleven used to be. Their DJ's Blast Smoothie with hemp protein, spirulina and aca'i is so frickin' good. You should totally try it. I get mine with non-GMO almond milk, but I'm sure it's great with the apple juice, too.

Today I was in a hurry, so I stopped at Jamba Juice. But when I asked if it was GMO soy in the Protein Berry Workout, the cashier gave me a blank look.

"Do you happen to know if the soy you use is genetically modified or not?" I asked.

Still, just a blank look. It was weird. For both of us, I think.

But it seems like a valid question, right?

The other people sitting in the shop looked over and shrugged. They didn't know either.

So let's have the conversation. I've got a few friends that would watch it, I'm sure. Maybe DVR it, so we don't have to watch any crummy commercials.

We could also do it via press releases and letters to the editor, but face to face seems better, don't ya think?

I look forward to your response!

Wade Holmes




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