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When Did a GMO Moratorium Become a ‘Farming Ban?’

August 26, 2014
Autumn Ness - Via email , Maui Weekly

The GMO corporations in Hawai'i are granted more open air, experimental crop permits than anywhere else in the U.S. One-hundred-nineteen permits were issued last year alone, and a huge majority of those are for chemical resistant crops--all of this while they grow none of our food.

That is not farming, that is chemical testing, and they think you are too stupid to know the difference.

This moratorium targets chemical companies, not farmers. Show me one local farmer who will go out of business if this moratorium is passed. Show me one farmer who uses GMO seed to grow food for us on Maui. Except for a few papaya growers, there are none.

And what has become of the Hawaiian papaya industry? We are left with surplus of unmarketable papaya because GMO foods are becoming harder to sell to the public.

To Monsanto, Dow and all the other biotech companies here on Maui: If you want to have a conversation about GMO crops in Maui, by all means, let's. Give the public a little credit when we do, though, and stop calling a moratorium on GMO crops a "farming ban."

Please stop using the local farmers who grow our food as pawns in your propaganda campaign. We know that a huge chunk of Monsanto's $14 billion in profits last year were from your GMO-corn-seed-plus-Roundup-weed-killer package. That's not farming, that's a business model based on creating a need for your latest chemicals.

I'm tired of being lied to by greedy and reckless biotech companies so they can make billions, while they dirty our air, water and soil. And I can't wait to cast my vote in support of the moratorium in November, so they can finally be held accountable.

Autumn Ness

Via email



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