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Killer Golf Courses

May 21, 2009
Commentary contributed by Bobby Baker · Kīhei

Next time you’re out at a celebrity golf tournament, remember that all that lush green grass is a result of millions of gallons of our dwindling fresh water, pesticides, herbicides, phosphates, fertilizers and nitrates that always inch their way into the ocean to kill our reefs. Build a golf course; the reef dies.

I’ve been watching them die as I’ve dove on them almost daily since the mid-’70s. Add that to our traditional massive state and county sewage spills, and we have dead Maui reefs. All of these studies are just another political smokescreen for the real vampires, our golf courses and the county politicians who play on them! Every time you hit a golf ball, a little more of Maui’s reef dies. Scientifically find ways to play golf without killing our priceless reefs? No way! It might cut into the profit margin!

Counting fish and then attacking small businesses, boaters, tourists, non-rapist fishermen, TVRs, divers, swimmers and kayakers who cannot defend themselves is peachy, but worthless. It makes it look like the county is doing something warm and fuzzy for Maui and our environment. Meanwhile, Mayor Dowling on Maui is bringing another 36 private holes online in gated community Makena to finish off its already dying reef. Does anybody care? Time to vote out almost all Maui incumbents. Clean sweep—re-elect no one except Jo Anne Johnson!



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