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12 days ago.
by solid1

Commentary - GMOs: Science Fact or Fiction?

I'm frankenly shocked that the editor would bring bias and choose to take a voice of 'persuasion' vs. information in her 'open mind' diatribe. This rhetoric has a name; it's yellow journalism. Her statement of 'even when presented with a highly credentialed scientist...' is demeaning and inculcating; there are highly credentialed experts on both sides of EVERY debate. Apparently she is 'unconsciously filtering out information that does not conform to her own ideas and those of her peers' when she goes for the 'eye catching', forgetting (or ignoring) the code of conduct which she and her industry has a duty to uphold. We don't turn to newspapers for schooling on thinking for ourselves. We read newspapers because with IMPARTIAL and NONJUDGMENTAL data we are best suited to think for ourselves. In the future, just the facts ma'am. We're not your children and don't appreciate your superciliousness and presumptuousness.


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Are you just going to call her names or dispute any of the thoughts she gave us...

'Cause if you got anything let's hear it...but all I ever hear is the same tired 'emotional' plea to stop the madness.

It sure would be nice if someone told me why, we need to stop it.

Instead I have to read someone attacking the messenger instead of stating their case.

Posted 12 days ago.

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